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Il6                            SHIPPING PRACTICE


Imports: coal, oil, and lumber; exports: wheat, linseed, and
maize; water 20 ft.-24 ft.; large elevators and electric cranes;
charges tend to be heavy; loading 400-500 tons; 6,3 70 miles London.


River Port on Xew Waterway. 18 miles from mouth. Imports:
wool, cotton, wheat, timber, mineral ore, sugar, rice; water 32 ft.
at high tide, 25 ft. at low tide; very fast discharge; stevedoring
cheap; port charges are low; facilities good; floating derricks;
coal tips; Heating elevators; special grabs for ore; coal quays at
entrance to port have automatic tips.


River Port on Seineó60 miles up; water 24 ft. at high tide; good
accommodation; loading and discharge 500-600 tons daily; 255
miles London.


Exports: rice, wheat (poor quality), dry salt fish, rubber; loading
and discharge by lighters and native labour; slow; 400 tons daily ;
cheap, but owing to slowness, dear in the long run.


Exports: grain; loaded from banks by chutes; water 20 ft. along-
side ; dear; tends to be slow; elevators, etc.; 6,400 miles London.


Spain. Exports: mineral ores; good water depth; alongside
berths; 28ft. at low water; charges are dear; turnabout slow;
frequent holidays; 600 miles Cardiff; 690 miles London.


Exports: cotton, meal, and seeds, steel products, lumber; water
30 ft.; charges are dear; quick dispatch; 3,500 miles London.


Imports: coal and general; exports: olive oil, cork, fruit, wines,
and general cargo; river port, 60 miles from sea; maximum 20 ft.;
dispatch quick; charges are dear; 1,135 miles London.


Tunisia. Exports: phosphates, esparto grass; water 28 ft.~32 ft.;
open harbours; good roadstead; plenty of lighters; charges are
moderate; 450-500 tons daily; 2,260 miles London,


Exports: wood, wood-pulp, steel, ore and general cargo; water
23*t-3o ft.; appliances plentiful and in good order; 1,000 miles
Leith. Port is kept open in winter by icebreaker.


roi miles long, Port Said to Suez j maximum draught 34 ft; open
day and night (at night vessels are bound to have a searchlight);
3,000 miles Cardiff.